The Tiki

We started the Search Tiki project after our clients complained about being beaten out by the very directories that were asking them to advertise.  Why should you advertise on when you wanted to advertise on Google or Yahoo or Bing?  The big search engines are selling out ads based on auction value and money, not connecting you to a real business.

At Search Tiki our goal is to change what happens with search.  For now we are using Google search and modifying it.  And since they won’t let us tweak it exactly how we want it, we are building our own search engine and mobile ap.

To list on Seach Tiki, you must have a brick and mortar location, no directory listing services, lead generators or ad driven sites are allowed.  You can choose to sell local or online, but you must actually carry the product.  No virtual stores either, Amazon and eBay have enough of that covered, we don’t need it here.

Sometimes you just need to find something that works.
The Search Tiki uses Google technology and tweaks the search for people who like beach living.
What can the Tiki Find for you?

You can donate to the project now via paypal at